Citizen Charter

Sr. No Activity Comment Time Schedule
1 Property Tax Fixation And House Number Allotment All Type Of Properties. 15
2 Transfer Of Tittle Of Property Property name Tittle Changes. 15 Days
3 New Water Tap Connections. Cmmercial tap-30,Bpl tap-30,General Tap-15,Oyt-15 Days.
4 Water Pipe Leakage Pipe Water Leakage problems. 24 Hours
5 Birth Certificates A. If It Is (Digitization Recorded) - Consult Meeseva . B. If It Is not (Digitization Recorded )- 7 days - consult Kandukur Municipality. 7 Days
6 Enrolment Of Child's Name in Birth Certificate. Child Names Entered In Date Of Birth Certificates. 7 Days
7 Name Correction In Birth Certificate Date Of Birth Certificates Names,Ser names Correction. 7 Days
8 Sanction Of Death Certificates A.If It Is Digitized And Recorded Then Consult-Meeseva B.If It Is not Digitized And Recorded Then Consult Kandukur Municipalty 7 Days
9 Name Correction In Death Certificate Death Certificate Name ,Ser Name Corrections. 7 Days
10 Non-Availability Certificates for Death Of persion. 15 Days
11 Sanction Of Trade License Certificates 15 Days
12 Renuwal Trade Licence 7
13 Sanitory Certificates For Educational Instititions 15
14 Desilting Of Drain 2 days
15 Removal Of Garbage. 24 Hours